Young Language Learning

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  • French Carnival

    Come dressed up and learn about French carnival during half-term! Children will be making masks, singing songs and dancing to French music. All welcome.

    Full Fee: £20.00

  • French Songs

    Take your children away from gadgets during half-term and spring break. Let them come and play with us while learning French. Children will get to know French traditional songs and dance as well as games. All welcome.

    Full Fee: £20.00

  • French Treasure Hunt

    Come and look for treasures while learning French during spring break. Children will be looking for clues in shops and around our continental centre to find the lost treasure. These activities are taking place indoors and in a safe environment. All welcome.

    Full Fee: £20.00

  • GCSE Revision & Support

    This revision course is open to Year 9 and Year 10 students and designed to support and help with language exams following the new specification. If your child attends this course, he/she is guaranteed a place on the full GCSE Support course in September 2018. Small classes of maximum 15 ensure full participation and attention from students who are taught by experienced teachers.

    Full Fee: £77.00
    Block Booking Fee: £77.00
    Sibling Discount: £58.00

  • Playground Games in French

    Take the children away from gadgets during half-term. Let them come and play with us while learning French songs and vocabulary. Children will participate in French playground games and interactive activities. All welcome.ost=2772

    Full Fee: £20.00