British Sign Language (BSL)

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Levels of Progression
  • BSL – Sign a Song

    Would you like to learn British Sign Language in a unique and exciting way? Come and join us for an entertaining informal afternoon of sign and song. Imagine putting signs to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, songs from Musicals and across the decades. Learn sign language to allow the Deaf and hearing impaired access to the songs.

    Full Fee: £15.00
    60+ Fee: £11.00
    Concessionary Fee: £8.00

  • BSL Level 1

    This course will teach you how to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language on a range of everyday topics, including animals, colours, hobbies, people, numbers and jobs. There will be an exam at the end of each term, for a total of three units. Your full accreditation will come from a short presentation, conversation and a receptive assessment. You will be taught through a range of teaching methods such as role-play, demonstrations, presentations, pair/group work, songs, games and quizzes. Enrolment on the Introduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £300.00
    60+ Fee: £300.00
    Concessionary Fee: Free
    IAG required

  • BSL Level 2

    This qualification will allow you to participate in longer and more varied conversations than at Level 1. The course will develop communication in BSL about real life, routine and daily experiences. You will be able to deal with most routine conversations and will have enough understanding of grammar to cope with some non-routine communication too. Enrolment on the BSL Level 2 – Introduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £400.00
    60+ Fee: £400.00
    Concessionary Fee: Free
    IAG required

  • BSL Level 3

    Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language (BSL) caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. The Award in Signing and Receiving Skills in British Sign Language is designed to develop your ability to communicate in the British Sign Language. The Certificate is divided into three units to support production (Unit 1: Signing, Unit 2: Receiving, Unit 3: Conversation.) On successful completion of this qualification you will also become aware of key convention of British Sign Language and Deaf culture.oduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £550.00
    60+ Fee: £550.00
    Concessionary Fee: £550.00
    IAG required
    ALL available