London History

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  • Building London’s Underground

    This introductory course will look at the world’s first underground railway including its continual development. You will look at the role of art in designing stations and the famous tube map used to this day. The development of the tube and its use during the Second World War will also be explored. Famous personalities relating to the tube will also be introduced including Charles Pearson, James Henry Greathead and MacDonald Gill.

    Full Fee: £103.00
    60+ Fee: £78.00
    Concessionary Fee: £53.00

  • History of London’s Transport: River, Road & Rail

    This course takes you on a journey through the history of London’s eclectic and iconic transport. Whether it’s on the water (from Thames’ ferrymen to paddle steamers), on the streets (from horse-drawn coaches & Hansom cabs to trams, buses and ‘Boris’ bikes) or on the rails (from its great terminals to its world-famous tube). The course includes the story of London’s bridges, man-made canals, ‘ghost’ underground stations and taxi shelters. There will be four trips to London. The costs of travel and any entry fees are not included within the course fees.

    Full Fee: £190.00
    60+ Fee: £143.00
    Concessionary Fee: £97.00

  • London’s Historic Public Houses

    The course covers the history of famous London’s public houses. Some were around before Shakespeare; others are comparatively recent Victorian additions, but all have fascinating stories and tales to tell. Venture down back streets and alleyways to discover the historic facts about the building and their famous patrons, such as Charles Dickens & Samuel Pepys. The course will include five trips to London to view historic areas including the Docklands, the Southbank, Knightsbridge and the City of London. The costs of travel and any beverages purchased are not included within the course fees.

    Full Fee: £195.00
    60+ Fee: £147.00
    Concessionary Fee: £100.00