Level 2 Award in Safeguarding Children & Young People

This Level 2 qualification will support you to develop a knowledge and understanding of the ways in which young people may be vulnerable to harm, abuse or exploitation in the workplace and/or learning environment. It will help you to understand the personal responsibilities required to keep young people safe, the role and responsibilities of different agencies, the legal context of safeguarding, and the national guidelines for recognising and reporting situations where young people may be at risk. This qualification is not suitable for those working with children below secondary school age, but is essential professional development for educational professionals in secondary schools and colleges. It is also an invaluable CPD opportunity for anyone working or employing young people up to the age of 25. Please be aware that this course may contain themes that some participants may find upsetting, due to the sensitive nature of the course content. Please call 01708 554016 or email brittonsadultcollege@havering.gov.uk for more details.

Full Fee: £75.00
60+ Fee: £75.00
Concessionary Fee: £75.00
IAG required

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