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  • IAG

    BSL Level 1

    This course will teach you how to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language on a range of everyday topics, including animals, colours, hobbies, people, numbers and jobs. There will be an exam at the end of each term, for a total of three units. Your full accreditation will come from a short presentation, conversation and a receptive assessment. You will be taught through a range of teaching methods such as role-play, demonstrations, presentations, pair/group work, songs, games and quizzes. Enrolment on the Introduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £300.00
    60+ Fee: £300.00
    Concessionary Fee: Free
    IAG required

  • IAG

    BSL Level 2

    This qualification will allow you to participate in longer and more varied conversations than at Level 1. The course will develop communication in BSL about real life, routine and daily experiences. You will be able to deal with most routine conversations and will have enough understanding of grammar to cope with some non-routine communication too. Enrolment on the BSL Level 2 – Introduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £400.00
    60+ Fee: £400.00
    Concessionary Fee: Free
    IAG required

  • IAG

    BSL Level 3

    Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language (BSL) caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. The Award in Signing and Receiving Skills in British Sign Language is designed to develop your ability to communicate in the British Sign Language. The Certificate is divided into three units to support production (Unit 1: Signing, Unit 2: Receiving, Unit 3: Conversation.) On successful completion of this qualification you will also become aware of key convention of British Sign Language and Deaf culture.oduction is mandatory.

    Full Fee: £550.00
    60+ Fee: £550.00
    Concessionary Fee: £550.00
    IAG required
    ALL available

  • Building London’s Underground

    This introductory course will look at the world’s first underground railway including its continual development. You will look at the role of art in designing stations and the famous tube map used to this day. The development of the tube and its use during the Second World War will also be explored. Famous personalities relating to the tube will also be introduced including Charles Pearson, James Henry Greathead and MacDonald Gill.

    Full Fee: £103.00
    60+ Fee: £78.00
    Concessionary Fee: £53.00

  • Business

    You will have studied the language for a minimum of three years and now need to write letters or converse in a more formal way. Perhaps you are going to work or live in the country, or you want to write a formal letter or email requesting help or goods or services or you are complaining about something. This one-day workshop will build on your existing language skills to turn holiday phrases into business vocabulary. Enrol on four one-day language workshops and get the cheapest FREE. (Offer excludes Spanish Art Appreciation.)

    Full Fee: £13.00
    60+ Fee: £13.00
    Concessionary Fee: £13.00

  • Cake Baking Basics

    Weigh, mix and bake a range of delicious cakes in this short course. You will learn the basics in how to bake a good cake and develop your skills in lining tins, know when cakes are cooked, apply fillings to cakes and make a range of basic toppings to decorate your freshly baked cake. Each week you will bake a different type of cake. This course is suitable if you are a beginner or wanting to develop your skills further.

    Full Fee: £70.00
    60+ Fee: £55.00
    Concessionary Fee: £35.00
    Resources: £10.00

  • Chasing Outstanding Teaching & Learning: Advanced Practitioner Workshop

    This one-session course led by an experienced Ofsted inspector will explore the notion of what ‘good or outstanding’ teaching, learning and assessment actually looks like in action, as well as strategies to ensure an observer will see just how good you are. Available through the Havering Adult College for the first time, this hugely successful course has previously been delivered to teachers and managers at a range of local authority and Further Education colleges. Don’t miss out on your chance to join in! This course is aimed at those working with learners aged 16+.

    Full Fee: £57.00
    60+ Fee: £57.00
    Concessionary Fee: £57.00

  • Chinatown and Chinese New Year

    A brief look at how the Chinese community migrated to London and how the face of London’s West End adapted. The idea of Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac will be explored including how it plays a part in the lives of individuals. The course will include a trip to London to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The costs of travel and any site entry are not included within the course fees. Classroom lessons 10am to 2pm. Visit to Chinatown is from 10am to 4pm.

    Full Fee: £80.00
    60+ Fee: £61.00
    Concessionary Fee: £42.00

  • IAG

    Coach Your Life!

    This course can help you create a bespoke programme to look at all aspects of your life – social, relationships, family and friends, emotional, financial and career, environment, health and fitness, personal growth, spiritual and recreational, and then design a plan with a clear focus for achievement, enabling you to take charge of your own actions. You never know how far you can go until you try, but you will need to be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone and take action! This course is not suitable if you want to become a life coach.

    Full Fee: £85.00
    60+ Fee: £64.00
    Concessionary Fee: £43.00
    IAG required

  • Creative Writing

    Develop your skills as a writer by exploring different techniques and styles. Over the duration of the course, you will explore different styles of fiction writing, in relation to short stories and novels. The course will cover structure, dialogue, viewpoints, narrative voice and style. You will also learn about revising and editing your own work.

    Full Fee: £100.00
    60+ Fee: £75.00
    Concessionary Fee: £50.00

  • Detox, Cleanse & Energise

    Make new lifestyle choices with new skills and knowledge on power foods to help you detox, cleanse and energise your body and your way of life. The course will cover the benefits of power foods, natural vitamins in different foods, and practical changes to a healthier lifestyle to make you feel more energised.

    Full Fee: £40.00
    60+ Fee: £30.00
    Concessionary Fee: £20.00

  • Digital Photography – All Abilities

    A course for you to learn more about your camera and the technical terms and skills around using a digital camera to take better photographs. Use your camera to capture images and learn the basics of uploading and editing them on a computer. You will be required to bring and use your own digital camera. Enrol on any four photography courses and get the cheapest FREE!

    Full Fee: £70.00
    60+ Fee: £53.00
    Concessionary Fee: £35.00