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  • Come & Try

    These language taster courses will allow you to meet the teacher and discover if a full course in your chosen language is right for you. The focus will be on correct pronunciation and vocabulary building.

    Full Fee: £20.00
    60+ Fee: £20.00
    Concessionary Fee: £20.00

  • Cooking Skills – Basic Cooking for Beginners

    A course for anyone who is new to cooking and wants to learn the basics of preparing and cooking meals. You will gain more confidence in the kitchen and develop basic cooking skills whilst preparing quick and easy dishes.

    Full Fee: £100.00
    60+ Fee: £75.00
    Concessionary Fee: £50.00

  • Cooking Skills – Mediterranean Kitchen

    Experience some of the joys of Mediterranean cooking and learn how to cook some of the wonderful recipes from countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain and Greece. You will develop cooking skills using ingredients from the Mediterranean to create traditional recipes that are quick and easy to make at home.

    Full Fee: £100.00
    60+ Fee: £75.00
    Concessionary Fee: £50.00

  • Cooking Skills – Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

    Create delicious and nutritious, exciting meals with recipes that are free from meat and animal products. Use a range of ingredients and learn about vegetarian and vegan substitutes to create traditional recipes.

    Full Fee: £100.00
    60+ Fee: £75.00
    Concessionary Fee: £50.00

  • IAG

    Deaf Awareness

    This short course will help you understand the variety of types of hearing loss and the needs of these groups of people. It will also help you understand what access support this group of people may need. The course will look at how deafness affects people in different ways by exploring real life examples, giving you an insight into Deaf culture. It will help you understand the different methods of communication in practice. You’ll also learn about causes of deafness and assistive technologies that can help to provide equal access

    Full Fee: £15.00
    60+ Fee: £15.00
    Concessionary Fee: £15.00

  • Declutter your Life

    Clutter is stuck, stagnant energy and prevents us from moving forward and sharing our gifts with the world. When we remove clutter we create the life we choose, deserve and desire. You can learn how to declutter your life.

    Full Fee: £60.00
    60+ Fee: £45.00
    Concessionary Fee: £30.00

  • DSLR Photography – Beginners

    A beginner level course for you to learn how to use your DSLR camera and understand all the features it offers. Use your camera to focus on and capture images of the local environment. You will also learn the basics of uploading and editing them on a computer. You will be required to bring and use your own camera.

    Full Fee: £180.00
    60+ Fee: £135.00
    Concessionary Fee: £90.00

  • DSLR Photography – Improvers & Advanced

    Develop your understanding further of using a DSLR camera and the advanced features it offers. You will learn about the manual settings on the camera and applying them to take artistic photographs. You will be required to bring and use your own camera.

    Full Fee: £180.00
    60+ Fee: £135.00
    Concessionary Fee: £90.00

  • E4I – Creative & Art Skills (09:30 – 12:00)

    Develop your creative skills with a variety of art mediums. As a result you will develop social skills, hand-eye coordination and communication skills.

  • E4I – Family & Social History (13:00 – 15:30)

    Learn about your family and social history, look at how your neighbourhood and the family unit has changed over the years. We will take a look back in time to see the differences in shopping and what you could buy on the high street. The differences in schools and access to education, and the types of public transport. Within the course, you go on trips to London to historic places which will demonstrate how our society has changed over time.

  • E4I – Healthy Cooking Skills (13:00 – 15:30)

    This course is ideal if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. You will learn abouthealthy eating and how exercise can improve your health. The course will give you opportunities to participate in different exercises, from walking tobadminton as well as spending part of the course cooking different recipes.Health and dietary information is required to ensure your safety on the course.

  • E4I – Independence & Travel (09:30 – 15:30)

    This course is ideal if you are interested in travel and learning about differentplaces. You will look at travel, different countries and their customs, especiallyif you like to go on holidays or if you have friends and family living in differentplaces. On this course, you will develop your planning skills, decision makingskills, communication and social skills and you will take part in debates and presentations.