Inclusive Learning Support

Inclusive Learning Support

Havering Adult College is committed to providing all learners with a wide range of high quality courses to help enhance their prospects, aspirations, health and wellbeing. Courses are held in various venues throughout the community to ease access to our services.


Our Inclusive Learning policy outlines the steps we take to ensure that we offer an inclusive learning environment for all our learners. Our aim is to offer appropriate support and assistance as and when necessary for learners with disabilities or other long term health issues.


When you complete your enrolment form you will be asked if you have a disability, health or any other learning needs that we should be aware of. By making this declaration we will be aware of your needs and a staff member from inclusive learning will contact you to identify what support you require and how we can assist you. We will also enquire if we can notify the teacher, on your behalf, to ensure your learning needs are met from the beginning of the course. Havering Adult College has a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that inclusive learning takes place, which we take very seriously.

There are a variety of ways we can assist you:


• Adapted learning materials
• Dictaphones or video recorders
• An interpreter to read or sign
• Adaptive equipment or specialist computer software
• Portable loop systems
• A learning support assistant in the classroom
• Coloured reading rulers for learners with dyslexia

In some cases we may be able to apply to the awarding body with a view to obtaining reasonable adjustments to assist. This is at the awarding body’s discretion and not a Havering Adult College decision. The awarding body will require proof of your condition to enable them to make the decision. This should be provided to us prior to the start of your course, and raised at your initial interview (IAG). It is your responsibility to provide the relevant documentation to us so that we can apply for and provide the correct support. Failure to provide us with the required information could delay or prevent us in securing the support you need.

We can support learners financially if they meet certain criteria. To apply for funding, please send your application to Brenda Hunt in writing or by email to brenda.hunt@havering.gov.uk

For adults who have declared a disability or learning disability. This is used to provide resources or individual support.

This funding can be used to support travel costs and childcare. It cannot be used for resources for any fully funded learner.

For learners studying Level 3 or above who have taken out a loan, there is the facility for support to be put into place using these monies.

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