Interview: ‘The course has given me the confidence to go out more with my camera,’ says DSLR photography learner Sheena

Three photography students taking photos by a lake
Photography learner Sheena (left) with her DSLR Photography classmates in Bedfords Park

I’d only ever used my camera on automatic, and if it slipped off that setting I’d have to get my husband to put it back!


Since he died, I’ve got no one to do that, so I thought: “I really need to learn how to use my camera!”


My husband was a professional photographer of more than 50 years.The first company he was with did work for the Queen, but then with the second company he shot very expensive jewelry—million-pound diamonds and the like.


I did go up and watch him work but he never showed me how to do it. I would actually like to be able to use his camera as it’s much more sophisticated than mine.


I’d like to learn more about photography. I’ve retired, so I don’t want a job out of it, but one of my daughters is doing a more advanced course. She’s much more arty than I am, so it’s good because now we can talk about it together.


The course has given me the confidence to go out more with my camera, and I do take it most places now. It probably get on my friends nerves when I make them wait for me to get a shot!


Sheena Frost studied DSLR Photography – Beginners

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