Fashion & textiles learner Julia is bringing patchwork skills into her tailoring

Four women standing against a wall modelling their handmade clothes

Leaving office work behind to have children in 2010, Fashion & Textiles learner Julia wanted to turn her passion for tailoring into a career that can work around her family commitments.

Her most recent project—a shirt inspired by a treasure she picked up in a charity shop—uses skills she has picked up on previous courses at the college.


“It fit my shape so well, I just thought I should develop it from there and use my experience in patchwork on the collar,” says Julia.


Sewing is a family affair; Julia’s mum made clothes for her when she was young, and has passed on threads and fabric that Julia still uses to this day.

Woman sitting at sewing machine

Julia is a great example of how learning can make a positive impact on your wellbeing. She adds:


“Before I joined I was on a long journey of depression, but the group are all so lovely and I feel really comfortable here.”


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