Interview: ‘This course has made me put myself out there more’ says music production learner Daniel

Why did you choose Havering Adult College?


I have been out of work for a number of years due to illness. I’ve been feeling better recently so I signed up to a sound design course with Spotlight Media at the Retailery in Romford. I had a set of meditation balls, scissors and my daughter’s bracelet and turned that into a percussion piece. They put me in contact with the college and I progressed onto the Level 2 Certificate in Music Production.


Has music always been a passion of yours?


When I was younger I did some pirate radio, but I didn’t know anything about production or making music. At school I was in the top group for everything, but I was always in trouble.  I was offered a place on a music course at the SAE Institute when I was 16, but turned it down for a job at The Sun newspaper and always regretted not going.


I grew up in Elm Park on an estate, and made friends with a guy with dreadlocks who had a boombox with him. He got me into music. 25 years later, I turn up at Bower Park and there he is on the same course! I never thought studying for the certificate would help me reconnect with an old friend.


What did you enjoy about the course?


The PC I use to make my music is 12 years old – It’s like playing a guitar with one string! Money has always been a barrier for me making music, but at Havering Adult College I got to use their iMacs and Logic Pro X, which is pretty much the industry standard.


What has this course done for you?


Some people use alcohol to solve their problems, but my therapy when I’ve been ill or had panic attacks is to try and make some music.


Sometimes I can’t physically speak or go out too much in the day. But this course has helped me interact with people, build my confidence back up and made me put myself out there more.


Just because you’ve got illnesses doesn’t mean you should be overlooked. The world is not as shallow as it seems – scratch below the surface and you will find diamonds from all walks of life.

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