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  • E4I – Creative & Art Skills (09:30 – 12:00)

    Develop your creative skills with a variety of art mediums. As a result you will develop social skills, hand-eye coordination and communication skills.

  • E4I – Family & Social History (13:00 – 15:30)

    Learn about your family and social history, look at how your neighbourhood and the family unit has changed over the years. We will take a look back in time to see the differences in shopping and what you could buy on the high street. The differences in schools and access to education, and the types of public transport. Within the course, you go on trips to London to historic places which will demonstrate how our society has changed over time.

  • E4I – Healthy Cooking Skills (13:00 – 15:30)

    This course is ideal if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. You will learn abouthealthy eating and how exercise can improve your health. The course will give you opportunities to participate in different exercises, from walking tobadminton as well as spending part of the course cooking different recipes.Health and dietary information is required to ensure your safety on the course.

  • E4I – Independence & Travel (09:30 – 15:30)

    This course is ideal if you are interested in travel and learning about differentplaces. You will look at travel, different countries and their customs, especiallyif you like to go on holidays or if you have friends and family living in differentplaces. On this course, you will develop your planning skills, decision makingskills, communication and social skills and you will take part in debates and presentations.

  • E4I – Media & News (09:30 -12:00)

    Find out about events happening around the world and discuss your thoughts and ideas. This will help you to build on your verbal and written communication skills. You will also learn more about what happens in different communities and this may give you new ideas for learning opportunities.

  • E4I – Money Skills – Banking (13:00 – 15:30)

    You will be looking at money, how to keep it safe, banks and what they have to offer and how to protect your money. All learners will be assessed to ensure they have an understanding of monetary values, notes and coins to ensure they are able to check to receive the correct change.

  • E4I – Money Skills – Shopping & Budgeting (09:30 – 12:00)

    Within the course, you will go to local supermarkets and high streets to look at the special offers and deals available. You will look at the items you use regularly and see if it is better to purchase as a “deal” or just buy the quantity you need. The course will be partly based in the classroom, with learners doing research in local supermarkets to see the difference in brands and items.

  • E4I – Photography (09:30 – 15:30)

    Go out and about in the borough taking photos which will form a photographicdirectory. This will help you to get around the borough safely and increase yourindependence. You will be involved in editing and designing the directory inorder to develop your computer skills.