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  • IAG

    German Beginners – Part 1

    This beginners’ course is divided into two parts which build on one another. This course is ideal for complete beginners and/or those who have a very basic knowledge of the language. You will be able to communicate in the chosen language, and read and write simple language structures.

    Full Fee: £100.00
    60+ Fee: £75.00
    Concessionary Fee: £50.00
    IAG required

  • IAG

    German Beginners – Part 2

    Second part of the beginners’ course. Here, you will consolidate your language skills and continue your learning journey in a fun and relaxed way. If you attended Part 1 you are guaranteed a place on this course. If you haven’t, you will have to attend a pre-course interview to ensure your language skills are at the correct level.

    Full Fee: £180.00
    60+ Fee: £135.00
    Concessionary Fee: £90.00
    IAG required

  • IAG

    Ready, Steady, German!

    6 week beginners’ course which will give you an excellent opportunity to learn your preferred language in advance of the full beginners’ course starting in September. Topics are covered at a gentle pace and include: greetings, personal information and holiday vocabulary, which will be covered in more detail on the full beginners’ course.

    Full Fee: £60.00
    60+ Fee: £45.00
    Concessionary Fee: £30.00
    IAG required