Case Studies

Case Studies

Confidence and promotion gained from coming to English Skills for Life class

Tim attended the English Skills for Life English class because he wanted to improve his confidence in his writing and speaking skills for work and help his eight-year-old son with his homework.


Tim has made tremendous progress on this course.  He has managed to achieve everything he set out to. This has enabled him to negotiate a fantastic new business opportunity at work and manage to set up his second business. Something he said he would not have had the confidence to do before attending classes. Also, the support he can now give to his eight-year-old son has given him a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Reading and vocabulary improved my chance to become a teacher

Being a French native speaker, I needed to improve my English skills in order to enrol on a teacher training course and train as a French teacher.


How we helped
We provided Mary with access to our library where she read a number of English books with keen interest. By giving her the freedom to read books with different genre, her vocabulary has greatly improved.


As a result of attending the Level 1/Level 2 Functional Skills course, Mary has enrolled onto the teacher training course successfully and on her way to becoming a French teacher.

Confidence gained by reading more and quicker

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