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Welcome to Havering Adult College

Welcome to the 2018-19 prospectus for the Havering Adult College. I hope you find it as full of exciting opportunities as we do!


Opportunities are funny things – and so often we miss them. Then we regret missing them, because we feel that we can never get that time back. But there are such things as second chances, even a third chance. Actually, it’s never too late to seize opportunities that we might have felt have passed us by. You might be holding this prospectus now thinking ‘if only I could do…’ Well, guess what? At the moment – the only thing standing in your way is you! For over 50 years, Havering Adult College has been bringing a range of diverse opportunities to the residents of Havering (and beyond), and this year is no different.


Our team of dedicated curriculum managers know how important it is to provide many learning opportunities that can stimulate your curiosity, expand your horizons or help you improve your life chances. You might be searching for a course to help with your job prospects – ranging from teaching assistants to sugarcraft or floristry, or perhaps travel, tourism or maybe interior design, digital music production, photography, cookery or even film making. Perhaps you are looking for ways to develop your wider skills, such as learning a new language, exploring your creativity with a range of art courses, improving your computer skills, British Sign Language, or embracing new ideas, such as meditation and psychic development, or even uncovering many of the secret histories of London itself. Maybe you’re worried you’ve missed the chance to improve your English and maths? Not so – here at Havering Adult College those opportunities are waiting for you to embrace them, and all the opportunities that follow.


Darren Purdie – Quality & Curriculum Manager

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