Welcome to Havering Adult College

Time is such an important thing, isn’t it? Whether you’re a parent, or you’re trying to find a new career, or perhaps you’ve recently retired and suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands than you expected. Whatever the reason, time is so important to us all. You’re possibly speed-reading this inbetween other tasks! But take a moment, breathe, and consider what you want. Havering Adult College offers so many opportunities, and our courses are planned to fit around, and compliment, your lifestyle. It’s never too late to consider a change of pace, of direction; it’s never too late to explore new interests and skills, meet new people within your communities and appreciate your own ability to learn something new. Give yourself a chance, and see what we have to offer.


Our team have worked very hard to provide so many courses that can stimulate your curiosity, expand your horizons or help you improve your life chances. Perhaps you’re looking for a course to help with your job prospects – ranging from counselling to teaching assistants, sugarcraft to floristry, or filmmaking to interior design, digital music production, photography or even learning to cook. Perhaps you are looking for ways to develop your wider skills, such as learning a new language, keeping fit, exploring your creativity with watercolour painting, improving your computer skills, nurturing your confidence as a parent, British Sign Language, or embracing new ideas, such as meditation and psychic development, or even uncovering many of the secret histories of London itself.


I’m proud of how hard our curriculum team have worked to put together a terrific range of courses that not only reflect our local and national priorities, but also respond to the requests of the local community – namely, you! But we offer so much more besides the few lines I’m writing here.


You are close to embarking on the most rewarding of experiences, and I trust that everyone you meet along the way will do all they can to help you. We’ve even managed to keep many prices as low as last year – and for many of our bigger courses, there are a range of payment options to make taking part as easy as possible. For more information on this, please take a moment to read our fee information and our all-important Terms & Conditions, and if you have any questions, our friendly team are happy to help.


Darren Purdie – Quality & Curriculum Manager

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