Partner Information

Partner Information

Havering Adult College is an adult learning service delivered by Local Authority staff, managing a range of national and local priorities and implements the statutory powers of the Local Authority to secure full and part-time education suitable to the requirements of persons who have reached the age of 19.


It is responsible for;

  1. Providing a range of part-time accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities to meet the needs of individuals, employers and local communities. Provision is concentrated at entry level, level one and level two, although some level three and above courses have been introduced to enhance progression and in response to learner, community and employer’s needs.
  2. In conjunction with primary schools, children’s centres and wider community venues, delivering a range of Family Literacy, Family Numeracy, and Family Learning provision.
  3. Providing indirect support for schools through the training of both Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants as well as Support Work in Schools provision.
  4. Delivering discrete provision in respect of learners with learning disabilities, commissioned by Adult Social Services.

Havering Adult College commissions a number of providers to deliver adult education on its behalf, funded from its Education and Skills Funding Agency Adult Skills grant and Adult Safeguarded Learning grant through a formal sub-contractor arrangement.


In response to learner needs, Havering Adult College is continually reviewing its existing sub-contracted provider base; enabling Havering Adult College to meet local community needs by ensuring funding is made available to community groups and providers.

In order to access funding, all interested providers need to pass the Local Authority Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) process. Success at the PQQ stage will add providers to this Approved Provider List for a period of three years, subject to the provider meeting contract monitoring requirements.


The PQQ sets out the information which is required by Havering Adult College in order to assess the suitability of potential providers in terms of their technical knowledge and experience, capability/capacity, organisational and financial standing to meet the requirement. During the PQQ stage, the intention is to arrive at a short list of qualified potential providers for formal Invitation to Tender against the requirement of Education and Skills Funded Agency provision.


To obtain a copy of the PQQ, or for any questions regarding the PQQ process, please contact;

Mohammed Uddin

Curriculum and Development Manager

Havering Adult College

472 Havering Road





A range of support is available through the Havering Adult College Quality Assurance and Improvement Infrastructure, this includes;


  1. A programme of teaching and learning observations
  2. Support through Internal Verification processes
  3. Access to a range of professional staff development
  4. Self-Assessment
  5. Learner feedback

Havering Adult College shall apply a management charge proportionate to the details of the individual agreements between Havering Adult College and the provider, based on the level of support required. The management charge will be applied to the gross value of the agreed maximum contract value based on the published ESFA rates at the time of enrolment.


A minimum management charge of 10% will be applied to all providers to take into account support required regarding;

  1. Quality assurance
  2. Continuous professional development
  3. Monitoring and management
  4. Health & safety
  5. Safeguarding


A further management charge will be applied to take into account additional support required regarding management information and learner records.


Where a provider has their own management information system and provides data via a verified, error-free batch file, then no further management charge will be applied.


Where a provider does not have their own management information system and requires Havering Adult College to input the individualised learner records, an additional minimum management charge of at least 5% will be applied.


A minimum management charge of 5% will be applied to sub-contracted Community Learning contract values.

A formal contract will be agreed between Havering Adult College and the provider, this contract will include amongst other areas, information on appointment and contract duration, data protection, health & safety, equal opportunities, invoices and payments and complaints. Separate schedules will cover the description of the services to be provided, conditions of funding and quality assurance. Payments will be according to the attached iSupplier terms and conditions. All valid invoices issued by the provider will be paid within 30 days of the date of issue.


This policy is updated annually and is available on the Havering Adult College website; it is discussed with providers when they complete the PQQ process.