Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Havering Adult College exists to provide high quality learning opportunities for those living in and around the London Borough of Havering, to support them to reconnect with education.


Havering Adult College strives to use the financial resources available to identify and encourage those harder to reach learners into education or employment. In addition, the College is committed to the love of learning, and the promotion of new learning opportunities for all. To achieve this, the College promises to:


  • Offer a range of courses that will provide residents and other customers with the chance to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to achieve qualifications and experience to enter work, and succeed as a valuable contributor to society and the economy
  • Offer a range of courses that will nurture and develop a wider set of skills that can empower residents and other customers to grow as individuals, keeping their minds and bodies active, challenge pre-conceptions and support the ethos of lifelong learning
  • Listen to the needs of individuals and groups, such as employers, Children’s Centres, JobCentres and other council departments, and where resources permit, provide responsive courses to fulfil their needs
  • Work with, and extend, the range of external partners used to increase the potential for participation in specialist areas of learning that the College would otherwise be unable to provide


Havering Adult College values diversity and, as a leader in lifelong learning, will work to ensure there is equality of opportunity for all, whilst protecting our staff and learners from harm, and the risk of radicalisation, through our well-established procedures for safeguarding all.

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