Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Havering Adult College is committed to protecting your privacy.
This statement is made to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, and in order to inform you of our data processing practices.

Havering Adult College collects and processes personal data relating to its learners to effectively manage your learning and to meet its statutory obligations to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), which part or fully fund most of our courses.

1. We collect the following personal data in order to meet our legal obligations with the ESFA. They are also required for us to provide education and training.

  • Details about yourself including your name, date of birth and gender;
  • Contact details – including address, telephone number, and email address;
  • Details of your previous qualifications, employment, and educational history;
  • Information about your residency, and previous address if applicable;
  • Information about medical or health conditions, including whether or not you have a learning disability or difficulty;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Household information (this is collected only for ESFA and is not used by Havering Adult College).

2. We also collect emergency contact details for our learners at enrolment for the sole purpose of emergency situations, learners may choose to give their GP surgery details if preferred.

The information above is generally collected directly from yourself and transferred to an enrolment form, which you will be required to sign.

Data will be stored on the Havering network, on our management information system and on hardcopy enrolment forms, stored in locked cabinets.

Havering Adult College will not transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area.

Havering Adult College needs to process data so we can provide you with the high standard education, and to meet its legal obligations to the Department for Education. Data regarding employment status and benefits are required to assess your eligibility for fee remission or support.


Where the organisation processes other special categories of personal data, such as ethnic origin, disability or health, this is done for the purposes of equal opportunities monitoring and to monitor our service provision to improve our services to specific groups.


Contact details will not be used for marketing or survey purposes without your consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. However, Havering Adult College will use the contact information in order to carry out our duties to you, for example, to notify you of a change of course date, and also to obtain data where legally required, such as destination surveys.

Staff at Havering Adult College will have access to your personal information.


It may also be shared with third parties where there is a legal obligation, including ESFA, Learner Records Service (LRS) and Student Loans Company.

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

  • access and obtain a copy of your data on request;
  • change incorrect or incomplete data;
  • request your data is deleted or processing stopped in some circumstances, for example where the data is no longer necessary for the stated purposes of processing;

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact the Centre Support Team to discuss.

All data will be held only for as long as necessary to do so; enrolment information will be confidentially destroyed seven years after your last enrolment. Any data provided by consent such as emergency contact information may be deleted on request.

Failure to provide data required to meet legal obligations will result in us not being able to enrol you as a learner. Failure to provide information on learning difficulties or disabilities may result in the college being unable to provide the standard of service we would wish to provide.

No decisions are not based solely on automated decision-making.

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